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Founded by two chefs with a passion for the galloway hills, forests, coast & people.  We hand pick and prepare wild ingredients paired with local delicacies from our food purveyors in D&G  to offer you something full of flavour, natural goodness and a wee taste of Galloway.

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What is Wild Garlic?

Wild garlic is made up of a bulb, stem, leaves, and white, star-shaped flowers. The botanical name is Allium ursinum. It goes by any number of names, including ramsons, buckrams, bear’s garlic, devil’s garlic, gypsy’s onions, and stinking Jenny. (This plant is believed to be a favorite of bears; hence “bear’s garlic” nickname and its botanical name.) You can eat any part of the plant and use it any way you would use garlic or some of its other allium cousins. They are one of the first spring greens to pop up.

Wild Garlic grows prolifically throughout Dumfries and Galloway.  The warm and wet climate of Southern Scotland provides the perfect conditions for this versatile plant to thrive, especially in the many areas of ancient woodland scattered across the region.

 We pick exclusively on private ground with the landowner’s permission and collect sustainably to minimise any disruption to local flora and fauna.  We leave no trace of our movement through these ancient woodlands and will often collect more litter than wild garlic if we are harvesting in a new spot.

 Although the whole plant can be eaten, we rarely collect the bulb as this can disrupt the area for future growing seasons. However, we do collect whole bulbs from areas where winter floods have exposed the whole plant and pickle them like onions.

 When the growing season is in full swing, we collect the luscious green leaves to add to the majority of the products we produce.

The flowers begin to appear on the plant as the days lengthen and the temperature increases. The flowers are an essential early resource for pollinators such as bees so we are very careful to leave the majority of them unpicked. These are delicious pickled before they open and are perfect for adding to a Ploughman’s lunch. As the flowers drop, they leave behind the seed head which, with careful preparation and pickling, become stunning flavour “bombs” that can be added to dishes throughout the year, adding a touch of spring to any dish well into the depths of winter. Once the flowers fully open they make beautiful garnishes for dishes and are used for this in many restaurant kitchens around the country.

Wild garlic (and all wild food) is best collected by those who really know what they are doing. We pick individual leaves and never strip the whole plant. We only collect in areas that are sustainable and have safe water sources. We always ask the permission of the landowner and, although we are in Scotland and have a right to roam, we do not take this privilege lightly and always leave no trace behind us.

 Once we have harvested our wild garlic we move into the processing stage. We have a full professional restaurant kitchen and techniques such as vacuum packing, dehydration and sous vide to prepare, process, cook and store all our products safely. We take the safety of our products very seriously and follow all current guidance from our local Environmental health department and have full HACCP procedures in place to ensure the product gets to you in premium condition.

We have 3 core products that we aim to have available year round and can ship plenty of fresh, washed and graded wild garlic when the season is in full swing (between March & May).

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